Burning Tongue Syndrome 101: Recommended Home Treatments

Published: 26th March 2010
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Some people, especially those in middle age, experience the so called burning tongue syndrome. If you experience burning tongue sensation and would like to know more about the said tongue illness as well as burning tongue treatment options, read on.

Burning Tongue Syndrome, also known as Burning Mouth Syndrome, is a tongue disease that appears in people who mostly belong in the middle age group. The main burning tongue symptom experienced by individuals who have the said disease is a burning tongue sensation, as well as a burning feeling on their gums, insides of their cheeks, etc. Another burning tongue symptom is the loss of taste. Other people who have burning tongue syndrome may also suffer from having a bitter taste in their mouths, and sometimes, tongue numbness.

Burning Tongue Syndrome can either be chronic or acute. Those with chronic burning mouth syndrome tend to experience the burning tongue sensation for a few months, while those who only have acute burning tongue syndrome experience the symptoms for a couple of weeks. A popular burning tongue treatment according to many health experts is a proper diet. Here are other remedies you can do at home to alleviate the symptoms of burning tongue syndrome:

1. Increase your water consumption.

To relieve burning tongue symptom, drink more water on a regular basis. Water intake actually moistens the mouth, thus, providing some relief to burning tongue sensation. Another burning tongue treatment you can do at home that is water related is sucking on an ice cube.

Most people who suffer from Burning Tongue Syndrome feel better after they do some ice cube licking.

2. Eat meals that are rich in Vitamin B.

A lot of physicians will advise you to eat food that have a lot of Vitamin B in order to relieve any burning tongue symptom or burning tongue sensation. Bananas, turkey, potatoes, and tuna, are good examples of food that are rich in Vitamin B.

3. Drink milk with a dash of honey.

Another home remedy you can utilize in treating Burning Tongue Syndrome is the intake of milk mixed with a little honey. The said mixture actually provides more blood flow to your tongue, therefore healing burning tongue sensation faster.

4. Glycerin application works.

To relieve yourself of the discomfort that the said tongue illness brings, a burning tongue treatment you should try is glycerin application. Applying glycerin to your tongue actually provides a cooling sensation that will help lessen the pain and discomfort you feel from your burning tongue.

5. Chew Sugar Free gum.

Another burning tongue treatment is chewing gum that's sugar free. It has the same effect as drinking lots of water as chewing gum helps keep the mouth moist, which in turn helps ease the discomfort of Burning Tongue Syndrome.

Burning Tongue Syndrome is not a disease that can kill you. However, it can really cause some discomfort so treating it on a timely manner is essential.

Karen Winton is a health niche writer. For in depth information on tongue illnesses and treatments: Healthy Tongue Secrets Revealed. Hate bad breath? See: No More Bad Breath and Gum Disease.

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