DIY Wooden Boat Considerations for Beginners

Published: 24th March 2010
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Wooden boat construction today is not just a form of work; it is also a form of recreation for an increasing number of people. Building wooden boats is not that difficult for as long as you follow DIY wooden boat instructions to the letter.

The build a boat project is not only interesting -- it is also rewarding. In fact, a lot of people, at present, enjoy building wooden boats, just the same as riding on those boats after their successful construction.

When you build a boat for the first time, specifically the so called DIY wooden boat, it is normal to think of how difficult it is; however, the more you get used to building wooden boats, the easier and faster your wooden boat construction will be. The following are some steps you'll have to accomplish to successfully come up with a DIY wooden boat:

1. Consider the Type of Boat

If you plan to build a boat, the very first question you'll have to answer is: 'What type of boat will I be building?' If you plan on building a canoe, see to it that you'll have access to reliable canoe building plans. If you are interested in dory wooden boat construction, you should have dory boat building plans that are effective.

2. Decide on the Boat Size

Building a DIY wooden boat also means deciding on the actual size of your boat. If you just need a small boat, you should build a boat like the dory. If bigger boats are what you want for family trip purposes, fishing purposes, and so on, you should be building wooden boats like the deck boats and the fish and ski boats. When deciding on the size of your boat, look into factors such as the boat's use, your building capabilities, and the likes.

3. Consider your budget and your time

Though making a DIY wooden boat or building wooden boats by yourself is usually cheaper than buying one from boat companies or boat sales agents, you have to be aware that you'll still have to ensure that you have enough money to complete wooden boat construction. You should check your budget and make certain that it will be enough for boat material purchase. If you are on a tight budget, better concentrate on building wooden boats, rather than on building boats that are made out of fiberglass or made out of aluminum.

When you have decided that you really want to build a boat, you should also see to it that you'll have enough time to make the boat especially if you are planning on using that boat soon. You should have a schedule for the construction of that DIY wooden boat, and calculate how many days or weeks it would take for the completion of your boat building project.

4. Make sure you have enough space for building wooden boats.

If you have a tiny garage, or a very small workshop, then, it is not advisable for you to perform wooden boat construction, unless you find a big enough space where you can work comfortably. A large space is needed when you build a boat because there will be moments when you'll have to turn your DIY wooden boat a number of ways during construction, as well as to also check the quality of your work. Thus, a small garage or workshop just won't do if you are really serious in building wooden boats.

Constructing a DIY wooden boat is a big responsibility. You first have to look into important factors and every detail to get an end product that is useful and rewarding.

Karen Winton is an e-book reviewer who enjoys boat rides. If you want to build your own dory, view: Grand Banks Dory Plans. If you are interested in a library of over 200 DIY wooden boat plans, check out: Plans4Boats.

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