Tips For Surfers: Things To Remember To Become A Surfer

Published: 11th May 2010
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A lot of people now want to become a surfer. This is because surfing is said to be a fun activity. Before you can ride your short board surfboard, or your long board, however, there are tips for surfers you have to be aware of.

Surfing may look really hard to engage in, but, for those who utilize tips for surfers aside from taking surfing lessons, they get to learn much easier.

People who try to ride their boards without having basic knowledge on how to become a surfer can be admirable at times. However, those individuals just end up endangering themselves most of the time. Therefore, before you even try climbing up a short board surfboard or a long-board surf board, you should know as well as apply these learning to surf tips:

1st tip: Ask questions.

Asking questions is one of the most essential tips for surfers that you should not disregard. It is highly recommended that you treat local surfers with respect. You can actually ask them a lot of things, and you'll be surprised that some seasoned surfers are more than willing to teach you a thing or two about surfing.

Aside from asking advice from them about how to ride the waves, it is also important that you ask when the high tide and low tide is in a particular beach, the etiquette of surfers, and the likes. Remember this: if you want to become a surfer, you need all the help you can get.

2nd Tip: Purchase the right kind of long board or short board surfboard.

Among the vital learning to surf tips that you should utilize is to buy the right board, based on your area.

For instance, if the beach you plan to surf in has small waves, the best board is the long board. Why? This is because it can be paddled better, and also gives you a higher level of surface area, which is ideal for catching smaller waves. A short-board on the other hand, is best used in areas with large waves, as the said board type provides better maneuverability, which you need when you want to ride the big waves.

If you are clueless about which board to buy, you can either do your research first, ask local surfers, better yet, seek assistance from the staff at the surfing supplies shop.

3rd Tip: Use the right type of wax based on the temperature of the water.

Utilizing the right kind of wax is also one of the 'must apply' tips for surfers. Believe it or not, the type of wax you use can affect your desire to become a surfer. Remember this, if you're surfing in cold water, e.g. during early mornings or late afternoons, use wax that's meant for cold water, which is somewhat stickier than warm water wax. Of course, during summery months, use wax that's more solid, and won't melt that much even under the sun.

Using the proper kind of wax will help decrease the instances of your slippages on the board, thus, it is among the most important learning to surf tips to keep in mind.

By making use of tips for surfers, you can become a surfer in a shorter period of time. Of course, that also depends on how often you practice, and how you apply learning to surf tips to the letter.

Karen Winton loves water sports. For more surfing tips and tricks, check out: Total Surfing Fitness. To learn how to surf like a pro, read: Pro Surf Secrets.

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